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These are archives of a blog I used to host on this site (first via self-written blogging software, then MovableType, then WordPress).

In December 2010, I decided to no longer maintain my own blogging software and instead to blog at a 3rd party. My current blog is now at You can also look at for other ways to reach me.

List of previous posts, in reverse chronological order:

2010-08-26 Hijacked by Flickr pandas!

2010-04-06 Updated and upgraded

2010-04-01 Prima Aprilis!

2010-03-19 Ada Lovelace Day 2010 is March 24th!

2010-01-26 Inner Join / Outer Join - The Database Song

2009-07-20 More about "In the Cloud"

2009-07-14 More distributed key/value storage options

2009-07-13 In the Cloud, Fanatically.

2009-05-21 ORM in the PHP World

2009-04-23 Weekend Reading: Fun with Data and Statistics

2009-04-20 Oracle Buys Sun

2009-03-24 The Example Conundrum

2009-03-10 All the Reference You Need...

2009-03-10 Optimization Woes

2009-03-08 The Rules of (Software) Engagement

2009-02-26 Finally, pretty syntax highlighting for blog posts!

2009-02-22 The Meaning of Keys

2009-02-07 Denormalization with Bitmasks

2009-01-25 From MovableType to WordPress in 301 Easy Steps

2009-01-05 Seven Things

2008-12-17 Beyond Error Logs

2008-12-08 PHP Advent 2008

2008-08-21 To persist or not to persist?

2008-05-23 Angering Database Gods

2008-05-22 Keeping Your Database and PHP in Sync

2008-04-29 WTF indeed!

2008-04-28 NTILE() - easy way to generate tag clouds

2008-02-27 php|architect: Database Design for PHP Programmers by Mac Newbold

2008-01-31 dbMorph - proposal excerpts

2008-01-28 DbSync, now on SourceForge

2008-01-28 How to manage your database deltas - proposals galore!

2007-12-17 PHP Advent Calendar

2007-11-28 See you at php|tek 2008!

2007-11-16 A LIFO Life

2007-11-15 Database change management tools

2007-11-02 The easiest thing in the world

2007-10-31 php|tek 2008 - deadline for submissions today!

2007-10-18 Ramblecast 2.0 now released to the unsuspecting public

2007-10-10 I now know what to name my future child

2007-09-25 PHP Unconference '07 @ ZendCon

2007-09-21 Peek into the past and the future with LAG and LEAD

2007-09-18 php|works 2007: Friday

2007-09-14 php|works 2007: files for "How to Optimize a Database Query"

2007-09-13 php|works 2007: Thursday

2007-09-13 php|works 2007: slides for "You Don't Need a DBA"

2007-09-12 php|works slides

2007-09-08 php|works 2007 next week!

2007-08-05 Optimization, Part 1: Know Your System

2007-07-19 Primary sources

2007-07-15 How to (and how not to) pass an array from PHP to the database

2007-07-04 On the bandwagon

2007-07-02 Going to Atlanta (via php|works)!

2007-06-30 Ruby on Rails Migrations: Good Idea with a Crazy Philosophy

2007-06-28 php|works '07

2007-06-20 PDO_OCI does not support CLOBs

2007-06-12 When PHP and Oracle assume the worst about each other

2007-05-21 3. Find x.

2007-05-15 How to quickly lint PHP files in an upcoming svn commit

2007-05-15 Chocolate Covered SQL

2007-04-05 code+oracle review

2007-03-25 Mapping Baseball

2007-03-04 Nerds!